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There has been a significant mental health decline amongst the working population since the start of the pandemic and leaders are often the last to treat their own mental health as a priority. This topic remains highly relevant as we start to transition out of one of the greatest upheavals to working life we have ever experienced. On this month’s episode of Foxed?, Fox & Partners partner Catriona Watt is joined by guest speaker Nikki Swan – a coach, speaker and corporate wellbeing consultant – to discuss Senior Executive and Partner Well-being post-pandemic.

During their discussion, Catriona and Nikki cover:

• data relating to the impact of working through the pandemic on senior leadership mental health
• fundamental principles to ensure a culture of wellbeing which translates ultimately into business performance
• the impact that senior well-being issues can have on a business
• the importance of putting in place a strong wellbeing culture implemented from the top
• experience as senior level disputes lawyers on how catalysts for disputes are often interlinked with well-being issues
• takeaways for senior individuals interested in well-being at work or firms interested in supporting its leaders

The podcast is now available here and on Podbean, Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.