With a focus on scenarios from our day-to-day practice, Foxed? will offer practical solutions to some of the most pressing partnership and employment law questions we hear from our clients.

The first two podcasts are now live:

Podcast 1:        Identifying and investigating team moves in a changing work environment

At a time when economic turbulence is leading to increased team move activity, Fox & Partners’ Ivor Adair and Shiv Raja look at the challenges facing employers investigating suspicions of a team move, particularly in a home-working environment.  How can you spot the early signs of a team move, and how can IT help?  What practical steps can you take and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Podcast 2:        Special Guest Episode: Uber – the implications for partners, partnerships and LLPs

In this special guest episode, featuring David Reade QC from Littleton Chambers and Ivor Adair, we look at the unanticipated implications of the recent Uber judgment on the employment status of partners.  What new risks does the judgment present for partnerships and LLPs and what can firms do to protect themselves? Why is this potentially significant? What should current and prospective partners, particularly junior and fixed share partners be aware of?

We will be releasing further podcasts on a diverse range of topics at the beginning of each month.  To listen or subscribe please click here – we look forward to you joining us!