As specialist partnership lawyers, law firms form one of our most important groups of clients. Our continued standards of excellence and innovation have helped to win us recognition in this area, and our legal clients (who are among our most discerning) often tell us that they value us as trusted confidential advisers.

All of our partners and the wider team are true specialists with extensive experience in most aspects of partnership law and the firm has been a pioneer in this area where precedent is limited.

In the legal sector, we have developed specific expertise with respect to setting up law firms (we have assisted a number of international firms and new boutiques set up in the city), entity structure and incorporation, compliance and regulation. Our 360-degree practice also includes dissolution, expulsion and retirement, changes to profit share, business protection, discrimination, whistleblowing and performance management.

We are also known for adapting to client’s risk profiles: resolving highly contentious disputes quickly and quietly, or litigating hard where necessary.

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