In our latest podcast, our partner Ivor Adair is joined by Sara Ibrahim, a barrister from Gatehouse Chambers, who specialises in AI at work.  In an invaluable introduction to a complex topic, they examine the legal and practical implications of Chat GPT in the workplace and consider what you need to do if you are in a leadership role to embrace this technology.

Among the topics covered are:

  • An introduction to Generative Pre-trained (GPT) artificial intelligence
  • An overview of how it might be used in a workplace including for research, productivity enhancement and upskilling
  • A review of the possible risks including liability risks caused by the lack of human oversight, problems with (in)accuracy, breach of confidence, breach of contract, breach of UK GDPR or even professional duties
  • The importance for employers of focus on employee impact and of taking advice on possible equality and diversity implications and whether a data impact assessment is appropriate
  • Recommendations to leadership teams on how to get started, including scoping a proper understanding of the implications of the technology and the scale and complexity of the task they are looking to augment