“Shoshana, your support and expertise during this challenging period have been invaluable. Your attention to detail and approach have not only guided me through the legal complexities but also provided immense reassurance. I’m grateful for your tireless dedication.”

“I would like to thank you both [Catriona and Shoshana] for your calm and assured counsel throughout, to the extent that what promised to be pretty gruesome, turned out to be manageable and at times even enjoyable, really! I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

“I am so very, very pleased with the result and have come out the other end a much wiser person.

I have however been extremely lucky and had such superb legal advice. I think I have worked with all the team at Fox over the years, but Caroline has been long-suffering and kept my feet firmly on the ground for which I am eternally grateful. Ronnie and Catriona saved my bacon at the outset and gave me some diamond advice.”

“My experience of working with you has been very positive in what were often fraught circumstances.”

“… everything [I] had hoped for and more.”

“Shoshana, Thank you for your counsel and energy these past few days concluding the agreement with my employer.  I appreciate your flexibility to help conclude matters and deeply value your advice on the relevant clauses and risks.”

“May I thank you [Ronnie] and Neena for all the advice and services over the last few years, given with not just excellence and professionalism but also great kindness at what was a most upsetting and stressful time for me.”

“…you and your team were simply terrific! I feel very blessed to have had the support and counsel that you provided to me in such a difficult and trying situation. This note cannot adequately reflect my most sincere gratitude and respect for all you and your team have done. You and your team went above and beyond foundational legal advice and really worked hard to ensure I kept true to the objectives we set out……….. Again, my most sincere thanks to you, Caroline and Dean for all that you have done. You have all made a huge difference!”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both [Shoshana and Ronnie] for your support, guidance and hard work over the last few months. I have been very relieved to have you looking after me through what has been an extremely challenging time for me. Your strategic advice, insights and reassurance have been invaluable and I will always be grateful for the sensitivity you have shown to me. I could not have managed to navigate these difficult discussions, or deal with these last few months, without your support and reassurance.”

“It was and always is a pleasure working with you both [Neena and Ronnie] and I thank you dearly for your time, care and the great results!”

“Your service was exemplary and I thank you for your assistance….”

“….I wanted to thank you and Ronnie for guiding me through this.  It was very reassuring to know where I stand and thank you very much for being so responsive.  While we met under difficult circumstances with my redundancy, I am glad that it seems I had found my path again and thank you for supporting me in that process.”

“…. with your help, we managed to negotiate a very robust solution; I would not hesitate to recommend Dean, Neena and Ronnie to any friends who find themselves in a difficult partnership situation.”

“….a huge thank you for all your support through this difficult period.  Your suggestions, guidance and pragmatic approach made a real difference.”

“Fox has provided excellent advice & service in employment contract matters.  What stood out for me was the seamless way in which Ronnie Fox & Neena Patel worked as a team, access at all times, and their timely advice throughout the process.”

“Many thanks for your support and great service throughout the settlement agreement process, we got there!”

“The team took a highly structured and strategic approach;  listening carefully, picking up key points, seeking evidence and then preparing a thorough and considered strategy paper setting out the situation, the legal options and a proposed way forward.    The team were professional and supportive throughout the process showed a solid understanding the situation and the organisation I was dealing with. They were highly responsive and the advice was excellent.  It was reassuring to know that I had Fox and Co on my side of the table.”

“Many thanks indeed for of your support, guidance and hard work over the last few weeks.  I have been very relieved to have you looking after me through what has been a challenging time.  I would not hesitate to recommend you.”

“Thank you again to you and Ronnie for all your help and especially to you for your support and patience. I wouldn’t have got to this point without you both.”

“Shoshana, thank you for your advice, professionalism and sincere manner in which you helped me through a difficult process.”

“Considering the circumstances, dealing with you has made the whole saga somewhat less difficult than I anticipated. Thank you for your support, your advice and confidence through these discussions, you have been invaluable.”

“…thanks for a job well done and exactly in line with the brief.”

“I wanted to pass on my  personal thanks to both of you for your advice and counsel over the last few weeks.  It has been invaluable.”

“First time I have used Fox, and have been extremely impressed. I required an employment contract review at very short notice, and received an extremely efficient and professional service. Good legal analysis and explanations, combined with common sense and business awareness. Would definitely use Fox again.”

“Very happy with the advice you [Catriona] and Ronnie provided and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services in partnership law”.

“Dean, once again, I want to thank you and Ronnie for all of your support and truly professional service. You are a credit to the profession.”

“I would like to congratulate you on your ability to recruit staff of a such consistently high calibre.  I am impressed.”

“I feel very fortunate to have been represented by Fox. Their advice, at a time of great personal stress and difficulty, was good, professional and solid. Explanations and alternatives were explored, full attention to detail was always maintained, and an air of firm confidence and knowledge prevailed. At no time did I feel left adrift in a complex situation, and the friendly attitude of the whole team also made me feel very well represented.”

“Thank you for all the assistance I received from you and Neena during my redundancy.  Neena really fulfilled the role of both lawyer and also that of a trusted, guiding hand perfectly, helping me through what was to me a very foreign and difficult issue.  I’m happy with the final outcome and am sure that with your counsel, I was able to come out better than otherwise.”

“I wanted to say a massive thanks to both of you.  Irrespective of the commercial and professional relationship, your empathy and guidance and lovely, warm, welcoming personalities is something I value very much and ultimately, I believe is the key difference in getting just ‘a service you pay for’ and a service that is tailored very much to the individual and their unique problem.”

“Many thanks again for all your support. In 2 weeks I will be holding my retirement dinner (at the Berkeley) and will raise a (silent) toast to you and Neena!”

“I would like to thank you and Ronnie for your guidance and support throughout the process. High quality legal knowledge I took for granted, but what I particularly appreciated was the pragmatic commercial and strategic advice which helped me to chart a course through choppy waters and to achieve a good outcome.”

“You were always both professional but also sensitive throughout the time you assisted me and I am sure that I wouldn’t have had the outcome that I did without your involvement.”

“Initially the matter, as always, was dealt with by Ronnie Fox whose professionalism and understanding of the situation is remarkable.  The day to day handling of the case was in the hands of Catriona Watt, who we also found excellent.  She understood her subject and explained the problems in a clear and concise manner and when we gave instructions she carried them out to the letter (I have used Ronnie Fox for many years and I have found that all his assistants have been excellent and he clearly is able to train young lawyers in a very admirable way).”

“Neena, I really am extremely grateful to you and Ronnie for all your support …. I can assure you I will be recommending you and Ronnie to any of my colleagues who may need advice.”

“Caroline provided me with invaluable legal advice and expertise in a long and highly contentious financial dispute. Caroline was unfailingly attentive and responsive. She is very hard working, and has an excellent understanding of complicated issues, a very thorough approach, and an undeterred, committed attitude that instilled in me confidence, even during the most difficult moments one inevitably experiences during a legal dispute. Caroline is not only a first class lawyer, but a truly empathic and supportive individual. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

“I would like to thank you for giving me the clear impression that my case is important to you… your genuine empathy along with professionalism and competence is heart warming”

“I wanted to thank you personally for being there for me from the very outset of this ordeal.  You [Caroline] have been a fantastic lawyer.  Not only were you able to digest huge amounts of information and make it understandable to me, but you have been very kind and honest in your assessments and recommendations along the way… you are a fantastic professional … you put the client at the heart of each recommendation.  You have a unique gift of being able to couple fantastic legal expertise with kindness and empathy”.”

“We all really enjoyed working with you and the team. You were thorough, and confidence inspiring, whilst managing our expectations appropriately – not easy all the time…. On a personal note, I would like to thank you for everything that you did and achieved for us…. If I had to go into battle again (and I don’t think I could handle another round), then I certainly know who I would want on my side!”

What our peers say about us

“Ronnie Fox is an exceptional lawyer in the partnership and employment field. He combines great experience with huge ability. He is the epitome of what a lawyer ought to be: great with people, very good on the law, excellent on tactics, reassuring to clients and deeply wise. He gets results.”

– Counsel

“Caroline is an extremely competent and professional lawyer who works to the highest degree of professionalism. Caroline and I work together on a very sensitive, high value and multijurisdictional litigation that she is coordinating impeccably. She is an excellent litigation lawyer, has keen insights into issues and works hard. I will not hesitate in the slightest to recommend her to a Client if I have the opportunity to do so.”