Litigation through the courts or by arbitration is expensive, time-consuming and usually an unwelcome distraction. At an early stage, our team can help you to identify the best forum for resolving your dispute and will take firm action where required. If parties are unable to find common ground, there may be no choice but to litigate. Arbitration may suit the parties (or be prescribed by contract) because of the confidential nature of the issues in dispute or desire to avoid unnecessary publicity or the risk of reputational damage in a public forum.

Clients rarely want to end up in prolonged litigation. In the Employment Tribunal, costs orders are the exception rather than the rule. In the Courts, even as a winner, there will always be an element of irrecoverable cost. Our team is highly skilled in devising strategies to maximise the opportunity for a prompt and cost-effective resolution of clients’ disputes. Most disputes are ultimately resolved following mediation, without prejudice discussions or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We advise on the pros and cons of making, accepting or rejecting offers of settlement. Where parties are discussing the terms of settlement, it is our job to ensure there are no surprises; that the settlement agreement records the commercial terms which have been agreed and offers the protection expected by our client.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • we will identify the most appropriate forum with a view to resolving your dispute in a prompt and cost-effective manner
  • we will devise strategies to ensure our clients are well-placed to enter settlement discussions and achieve a favorable outcome
  • we will advise you on the terms of any settlement offer to ensure it matches your expectation.

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