Fewer than one in seven partners are women

The Guardian (September 3, 2018): Fewer than one in seven partners at hedge funds and private equity firms are women and progress towards equality is slow. According to a report based on Financial Conduct Authority data, out of 9,957 partners at private equity firms, hedge funds and other financial services companies, 1,381 (14%) are women. Read the…

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Homophobia at work claims nearly double over past year

The Times, September 15, 2018: the number of gay people claiming to have suffered homophobic discrimination at work has almost doubled in the past year. Caroline Field of Fox & Partners explains the causes of this increase in this article (subscription needed).

Financial services failing to promote women

Economia (September 3, 2018): Progress in increasing the number of female partners in financial services has remained slow with women making up 14% of partners at hedge funds, private equity firms and other financial services partnerships. Read the complete article on the Economia website.

Firms must ensure opportunities exist for women

The HR Director (September 3, 2018):  Firms must ensure opportunities exist for women and be alive to the possibility that a lack of equality in financial services businesses could store up legal risks for the future. You can read the complete article at The HR Director.