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Global RecruiterLaw on your sideJanuary 2013
City A.M.Unfair dismissal compensation to be capped at 12 months’ pay18 January 2012
The GuardianLandmark European court judgment on religious freedoms due15 January 2013
The TimesArticles of faith15 January 2013
Evening StandardWomen deserve equality at work14 January 2013
The Times LawHuman Rights court to rule on Christians14 January 2013
Solicitors JournalFirms promoting “Mediocre men”, Law Society president says11 January 2013
EconomiaA piece of the cake – The model of company ownership by partners is tried and tested, but is it still starting to be found wanting?2 January 2013
The BarristerWhy legal fees are going up20 December 2012
Cilex JournalDeparture Lounge – Members being forced out of an LLP need to think carefully about the remedies available to themDecember 2012
Talk BusinessPerformance problemsDecember 2012
HRM GuideHow can employment lawyers help headhunters place candidates more swiftly?21 December 2012
Solicitors JournalCOLPs and COFAs are ‘officially sanctioned snitches’, Fox says10 December 2012
Thomson ReutersOne, two, three, four … How many women are on your board?15 November 2012
Daniel Barnett’s Employment Law BulletinRestrictive Covenants and Fiduciary Duties6 November 2012
HR MagazineTUPE:  what business needs to know about the retention of employment model26 October 2012
Solicitors JournalPlaying it safe17 October 2012
Thomsons OnlineShares for rights scheme must be consistent16 October 2012
The LawyerPreparing to make a smooth exit1 October 2012
The American LawyerThe Hustlers28 September 2012
Director of Finance onlineLLP departure lounge – getting ready to board the exit flight28 September 2012
Re:locateUBS whistle-blower case “morally repugnant”, says
leading employment lawyer
19 September 2012
Daily ExpressVince Cable bid to make it easier to sack staff15 September 2012
London Loves BusinessThe baby dilemma: How being family-friendly can keep top talent13 September 2012
HR DirectorPlumbers flush pay privacy down the panAugust 2012
Director of FinanceThe importance of managing employee performance before problems arise24 July 2012
Director of FinanceMake it Hard for Former Employees to Compete with you19 June 2012
Business Law ReviewIs Flexible Working the Way of the Future?June 2012
IBA E-News Book ReviewThe Business of Law – Strategies for SuccessJune 2012
Accountancy AgeStaff email and internet: where do you draw the line?24 May 2012
Financier WorldwideWill a Longer Qualifying Period Lead to Fewer Unfair Dismissals?May 2012
Daniel Barnett’s Employment Law BulletinWhistleblowing – Can an LLP Member be a Worker?May 2012
Law Society GazetteFlexible working patterns26 April 2012
Legal WeekSupreme Court rejects key challenge to partner retirement policies25 April 2012
BBC Radio 4’s Money Box (printed summary)Raw deal over holiday pay21 April 2012
BloombergU.K. Finance firms rely on basic non-compete clause, survey says20 March 2012
Wealth BriefingNon-Dealing Clauses are bad for clients, wealth management firms28 February 2012
Legal WeekOlder partners – a litigation risk?10 February 2012
The Financial TimesBank bonus dispute goes to High Court22 January 2012
Financial DirectorYou’re fired06 January 2012
The Financial TimesMore ‘zero bonuses’ expected22 December 2011
The TimesCompensation for loss of career17 December 2011
The TimesRBS Chiefs had best of intentions12 December 2011
The TimesDuty of care is supreme, but to employees or shareholders?08 November 2012 you lose your job, you’ll still get substantially more than the statutory minimum payoff07 November 2011
Legal BusinessDo the Right ThingOctober 2011
efinancialcareersA risky way of ensuring you stay employed in 201105 September 2011
Law Society GazetteStrangulation by regulation01 September 2011
The Financial TimesPost-employment payment unusual, say lawyers24 August 2011
The TimesHas the lawyer transfer market stalled?28 July 2011
efinancialcareersThe sad, sad shrivelling of the investment banking redundancy package26 July 2011
BloombergFrontPoint, Galleon, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, BGC in Court News14 March 2011
Law Society GazetteWhen opportunity knocks: making a decision on partnership offers24 March 2011
The hrdirectorEmployers call for employment law change10 March 2011
The GuardianEmployers favour radical changes to fix “broken” tribunal system09 March 2011
Law Society GazetteGently does it03 March 2011
Accounting and BusinessEmployment Law : 2011 will be a year of change…March 2011
EfinancialcareersCredit Suisse’s urge to claw back cash bonuses from departing employees may prove purest fantasy20 January 2011
legalweek.comLocking out older partners?  The least defended majority in the UK14 January 2011
Legal WeekLeading law firms consider retirement policy shake-up13 January 2011
HREmployers urged to be cautious after Bskyb found to have unfairly dismissed pregnant women20 December 2010
afpBonus bancaires : les regulateurs eropeans publient des regles strictes10 December 2010
LawgazetteFixed-share partner loses appeal02 December 2010
efinancialcareersDo you really need to provide referees BEFORE you’ve got a job25 November 2010
CityMotoringFox goes FrenchSummer 2010
lawgazetteThe training contract lottery14 October 2010
eFinancialCareersIt is becoming too expensive to make senior bankers redundant04 October 2010
eFinancialCareersRedundancy payments: what to expect23 September 2010
ThisismoneyTax staff cut benefits cash for ethnic minorities19 August 2010
Daily MailRacist taxmen who deliberately under-paid child benefits to non-nationals are sacked19 August 2010
The TimesHelp the aged05 August 2010
Human lawStand By For Sepctacular Claims By Elderly Workers04 August 2010
WhoswholegalMarket Intelligence: Management Labour & EmploymentJuly 2010
ReutersUK plans to scrap fixed retirement at age 65 UPDATE 231 July 2010
ForexyardUK plans to scrap fixed retirement age at 6531 July 2010
Yahoo! News UKFixed retirment age to be scrapped30 July 2010
ThisismoneyEnd of retiring at 65 “will line lawyers’ pockets”30 July 2010
Daily MailScrapping retirement at 65 “will line pockets of lawyers”30 July 2010
Daily MailGovernment plans to scrap retirement at 65 “will line pockets of lawyers”30 July 2010
MontrealgazetteU.K. plans to scrap fixed retirement at age 6529 July 2010
IrishtimesUK plans to scrap retirement age29 July 2010
ForexprosUK plans to scrap fixed retirement at age 6529 July 2010
ReutersFixed retirement age to be scrapped29 July 2010
PoliticsLawyer: Retirement disputes will increase29 July 2010
ScotsmanSummertime blues: As trouble brews at BT and cuts loom for public sector workers, are strikes unavoidable?01 June 2010
Financial TimesBankers’ bonus dispute with Commerzbank set for High Court trial01 June 2010
Personnel TodayCWU playing ‘politics of envy’ over BT strike threat26 May 2010
Financial TimesDoes your customer have a right to compensation?24 April 2010
The TimesWhen partners face the crucial vote22 April 2010
Legal WeekAddleshaws weighs up voting rights for salaried partner rank22 April 2010
eFinancialCareersIt’s not unusual for banks to fire over-performers17 March 2010
BloombergBGC May Hire Tullett Staff Next Month, Judge Says12 March 2010
Complinet HRBonuses in the City01 March 2010
Wall Street JournalBA Thwarts Cabin Crew Bid to Block Changes19 February 2010
Times OnlineMeet the Boss: Ronnie Fox16 February 2010 Airways employee loses appeal in indirect discrimination over crucifix pendant case15 February 2010
Personnel TodayChristian British Airways ‘crucifix’ worker loses discrimination appeal against airline12 February 2010
EFinancialCareersSo what if that risk manager has Asperger’s?29 January 2010
People ManagementEweida loses appeal to wear crucifix at work12 January 2010
Law Society GazetteLaw firm ‘disarray’ over retirement proposals27 January 2010
Financial TimesWhat happens if an employee quits without notice?09-10 January 2010
BloombergBritish Airways Court Victory Blocks Christmas Strike17 December 2009
BloombergBritish Airways asks Judge to Block Cabin Crew Strike16 December 2009
Financial TimesLitigation seen as unlikely11 December 2009
Toronto Globe and MailBonus Tax: ‘Hit em where it hurts’09 December 2009
Financial TimesBankers warn of exodus over windfall tax08 December 2009
Spanish TaxesEl Reino Unido considera un impuesto a los bonus de los banqueros08 December 2009
BloombergCity of London Criticizes ‘Gesture’ of Bank Bonus Tax07 December 2009
The ScotsmanRBS chief Stephen Hester set to walk out over bonus row03 December 2009
The TimesRBS board on brink as Treasury prepares to veto £1.5bn bonuses03 December 2009
The GuardianRoyal Bank of Scotland bonus pool now under government control02 December 2009
Times onlineTreasury plans to take control of bonuses’……02 December 2009
ReutersRBS warns of risks after UK takes control of bonuses02 December 2009
Business XLRacism still rife in businessNovember 2009
City AMCity says FSA plan to tear up bank contracts is unlawful17 November 2009
The ScotsmanBankers ‘ludicrous’ contracts will be torn up16 November 2009
Press AssociationBank Bonus Threat ‘will damage City’s standing’16 November 2009
Brand RepublicPostal strike latest – Royal Mail mounts ad campaign to encourage staff to defy union05 November 2009
Marketing DirectPostal Strike Latest – Royal Mail mounts ad campaig to encourage staff to defy union05 November 2009
CITY A.M.City discrimination claims surge as recession bites05 November 2009
CITY A.M.Osborne calls for a ban on bank bonuses02 November 2009
The TimesBankers’ bonanza bonuses: what can be done about them?29 October 2009
The TimesTaking the bull by the horns, and …29 October 2009
Personnel TodayWidespread racial discrimination in recruitment procedures revealed by government research19 October 2009
The TimesWhat lawyers think of Blair’s legacy01 November 2009
Evening StandardPheonix Four hit out at Mandelson over “witch-hunt and whitewash”11 September 2009
The IndependentWomen are succeeding in changing the ground rules07 September 2009
Scotland on SundayRBS staff plan legal battle to boost bonuses06 September 2009
Evening StandardBankers still need bonuses02 September 2009
Daily MailI’ve been treated like the Bulger murderers01 September 2009
Managing PartnerWhat’s in a nameAugust 2009
Real BusinessBanning City bonuses: The entrepreneurs’ reaction17 August 2009
Bloomberg – USAUK ends more than 600 years of tradition as Law Lords bow out29 July 2009
eFinancial CareersHow to make a bank settle out of court23 July 2009
BloombergDresdner Kleinwort Bankers Settle London Bonus Suits22 July 2009
Legal BusinessIf a partnership aint broke, don’t fix itJuly / August 2009
The Scotsman£4.7 million: the price of a normal family life19 June 2009
eFinancial CareersMost Dresdner Kleinwort Bankers can’t be bothered to sue17 June 2009
BloombergEx Dresdner Bankers sue over bonuses, severance pay16 June 2009
The ScotsmanMartin Currie faces GBP 77,000 claim over unfair dismissal26 May 2009
The ScotsmanMartin Currie faces legal costs claim23 May 2009
The ScotsmanFunds giant throws in the towel over Executive’s unfair firing22 May 2009 of Partnership Practitioners20 May 2009
Personnel TodayBonuses: a ball of confusion28 April 2009
The ScotsmanMartin Currie faces claim of unfair dismissal22 April 2009
PEI ManagerHow to fire a partner (if you must)April 2009
The GuardianThe state of pay15 April 2009
Law Society GazetteFirms face ‘legal exposure’ over cancelled contracts09 April 2009
Law Society GazetteRace for the title?09 April 2009
Legal WeekTiming is everything02 April 2009
Wealth ManagementWhat wealth professionals should do to protect bonuses16 March 2009
City AMLawyers think radical thoughts as downturn means old ways are untenable11 March 2009
Legal WeekHow to lose staff but keep your reputation05 March 2009
Legal WeekDresdner stokes tension as legal teams divided on bonus05 March 2009
City AMIncrease in age discrimination cases has City firms scratching their heads04 March 2009
City AMHarman targets Goodwin02 March 2009
The ExpressPM’s empty words in pension uproar28 February 2009
Daily MailMinister at bay over Sir Fred deal28 February 2009
The TimesRegulator faces corporate rebellion26 February 2009
Personnel TodayBonus backlash as sex rears its head24 February 2009
The Daily ExpressAngry RBS staff could sue over axed bonuses21 February 2009
Evening News EdinburghTaxpayers face bill for axing staff bonus scheme at RBS21 February 2009
The ScotsmanTaxpayers face bill for axing staff bonus schemes at RBS21 February 2009
The ScotsmanRBS may face legal action from own staff over profits pledge20 February 2009
City AMLawyers come to bankers’ aid as battle of the bonuses starts to get nasty18 February 2009
City AMLawyers say bonus ban would be illegal17 February 2009
The NationalEnd of an era for London’s get-rich-quick bankers14 February 2009
Law Society GazetteFox to fight for bankers12 February 2009
Law.comWill This Year Bring More Aggressive Partner Cuts?12 February 2009
Daily RecordWe’ll sue for our bonuses11 February 2009
Morning StarDon’t blame us for our greedy bosses’ errors11 February 2009
The Western MailBanks ‘had to offer bonuses to retain top talent’11 February 2009
Solicitor.comRedundancy Watch: DLA and McDermott, White & Case opt for Salary Freeze. But Bonuses for Bankers?11 February 2009
eFinancial CareersIts getting messy at Dresdner/Commerzbank11 February 2009 law that could protect bank executives’rewards for failure10 February 2009
Evening NewsBankers in legal fight for unpaid bonuses10 February 2009 banks set to be sued by bankers over denial of bonuses10 February 2009
Press AssociationAnger over bank bonus waiver calls10 February 2009
Flubu.comBankers: We’ll sue if we are denied our million-pound bonuses10 February 2009
Euronews24Anger over bank bonus waiver call – News UK10 February 2009 over bank bonuses call10 February 2009
The Daily TelegraphState-owned banks set to be sued by bankers over denial of bonuses10 February 2009
Daily ExpressThe law that could protect bank executives rewards for failure10 February 2009
Evening StandardBankers: we’ll sue for our bonuses10 February 2009
Daily ExpressBrown savaged over plea to bank fat cats10 February 2009
The SunBankers bonus is their human right10 February 2009
Times OnlineBankers consider legal action over bonuses10 February 2009
The IndependentBank employees set to sue over cuts in bonuses10 February 2009
Wales onlineAnger over bank bonus waiver call10 February 2009
Channel 4 NewsAnger over bank bonus waiver call10 February 2009
ScotsmanSome will want to walk off in a huff – but where to?06 February 2009
May it please the courtLawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Swims Across the Pond20 January 2009
Legal WeekWeakest Links15 January 2009
Daily MailBaby P chief appeals against her sacking07 January 2009
Mail on SundaySocial services boss in Baby P scandal appeals against her sacking07 January 2009
Times onlineBaby P social work chief sues for pay off06 January 2009
The TimesEAT rules law firms can force partners to retire05 January 2009
Times OnlineIf it’s in your contract, bonus season cometh09 December 2008
Legalline.comLawyer2Lawyer: The Economy’s Effect on UK Law Firms04 December 2008
Legaltalknetwork.comThe Economy’s Effect on UK Law Firms03 December 2008
The TimesLaw firm bypasses banks to protect partners’ payouts03 December 2008
Financial AdviserBonus culture ‘not to blame’ for crunch27 November 2008
Money MarketingMPs say big City bonuses fuelled crisis27 November 2008
The AM Law DailyTHE LONDON LAWYER: U.K. Law Firms Feel the Squeeze27 November 2008
European Daily InformationSelect committee grills witnesses over City bonus’culture’20 November 2008
ReutersDirectors group and TUC on need to reform City pay20 November 2008
European Daily InformationTUC and IoD join forces in calling for City bonus reform20 November 2008
The GuardianDirectors group and TUC on need to reform City pay20 November 2008
Times OnlineDinner: Lincoln’s Inn18 November 2008
Wall Street JournalShould Laid-Off Bankers Get Pro Rata Bonuses?10 November 2008
Financial NewsLawyers prepare for battle over bonuses for former staff10 November 2008
Wealth BulletinLawyers prepare for battle over bonuses for former staff10 November 2008
Evening StandardReady for a fight in the Law’s Big Bang04 November 2008
The TimesThe Ross-Brand affair laid bare06 November 2008
Legal WeekHardline Eversheds suspends profit payout for two quarters31 October 2008
Law.comEversheds Suspends Profit Payout for Two Quarters31 October 2008
Personnel TodayPay banker bonuses or pay the cost24 October 2008
Legal BusinessAge against the machineOctober 2008
Engage MagazineEmploying agency workersOctober 2008
PEI ManagerBuyers’ marketOctober 2008
Dealbreaker.comAs Predicted UK Lehman Employees Totally Screwed01 October 2008
BloombergLehman’s Fired U.K. Staff Get 800 Pounds, Bonus Claims in Doubt01 October 2008
Londonvisits.netLehman’s Fired U.K. Staff Get 800 Pounds, Bonus Claims in Doubt01 October 2008
Personnel TodayBid to curb City bonuses could lead to legal action30 September 2008
Personnel TodayCity bonuses compensate for modest salaries30 September 2008
Building DesignAre you ready for your close up?26 September 2008
The TimesCity Diary – Risky business25 September 2008
Personnel TodayCity bonuses compensate for modest salaries24 September 2008 Brown says bank chiefs should carry the can24 September 2008
New Law JournalWhistleblower allegation unfair 11 September 2008
Legal WeekFirms clunb together to lobby HMRC after clampdown on partner hire tax28 August 2008
The TimesCity Diary24 July 2008
The TimesCity Diary12 July 2008
Law Society GazetteFox on the gun…10 July 2008
Legal BusinessGrassing up the competitionJune 2008
Legal WeekRelief for US LLPs as government rejects accounts disclosure plan05 June 2008
Legal WeekCobbetts faces threat of major fraud payout29 May 2008
The Law Society GazetteFirms face prosecution over client harassment of staff03 April 2008
Personnel TodayTop City lawyer is seeking £13 million after winning a sex discrimination …18 March 2008
Times OnlineLaw firms stil confused over age laws12 March 2008
Legal BusinessDiamonds in the rough12 March 2008
LegalWeek.comMcDermott in for F&C on £13m Switalski claim12 March 2008
Personneltoday.comTop lawyer seeks £13m compensation after winning tribunal case12 March 2008
Financial TimesQCs’ legal case exposes Law Society tensions26 February 2008
Law Society GazettePartnership prospects continue to diminish21 February 2008
People ManagementRomance in the workplace14 February 2008
HR Zone NewsAlarms ring as gay christian scoops £47k discrimination award12 February 2008
Personnel TodayAge Concern’s heyday frustrated by delays to mandatory retirement court hearing12 February 2008
The Jewish ChronicleRonnie Fox is inspired to help Haifa University08 February 2008
Legal WeekDunlop Haywards fraud order raises stakes for Cobbetts07 February 2008
The TimesSocGen: the lessons for London05 February 2008’s victory could give 6m right to flexitime01 February 2008
The LawyerThe Hot 100 200828 January 2008 over 65 can be forced to retire25 January 2008
Legal WeekBLP moves to limit negative fallout from mistakes made by ex-real estate partner24 January 2008
Law Society GazetteAn age old problem17 January 2008
Law Society GazetteOnly as good as your last trick29 November 2007
Legal WeekGovernment review to press for foreign LLP disclosure22 November 2007
Law Society GazetteGuiding lights01 November 2007
Legal WeekFreshfields age claim victory raises hopes lockstep can survive discrimination laws18 Octber 2007
Legal WeekFreshfields ruling could help enforce lockstep11 October 2007
Legal WeekFreshfields wins Bloxham age discrimination battle11 October 2007
Financial TimesLaw firm wins age claim case against partner11 October 2007
Legal WeekAge discrimination laws incompatible with law firm employment regimes13 September 2007
Lexis NexisLaw firm homophobia24 August 2007
Seniorscopie.comA law firm is being sued over age-discrimination17 July 2007
Times OnlineFreshfields faces second lawsuit over age-discrimination17 July 2007
The TimesIs he the first among equals?17 July 2007
The TimesCity lawyer in age-discrimination battle09 July 2007
Times OnlineChanges to Freshfields’ pension scheme09 July 2007
International Herald TribuneUK executives use whistle blower law intended for employees19 June 2007
BloombergFired London traders use whistle-blower law to sue18 June 2007
Lawfuel.comUK law firm sues former partners12 June 2007
Employers’ LawTelling tales. Are blogs good?May 2007
Kuwait TimesHow to negotiate a better pay deal12 May 2007
City SolicitorFox tests Fox25 April 2007
Managing PartnerThought leader09 March 2007
Times OnlineThe water cooler09 March 2007
Law Society GazetteSharp gender gap as partnerships shrink08 March 2007
Employment Law JournalPractising what you preachFebruary 2007
New Law JournalFreshfields faces age discrimination claim09 February 2007
Personneltoday.comAge Concern’s Heyday frustrated by delays to mandatory retirement court hearing 07 February 2007
The Law Society GazetteFlexible working rules extended25 January 2007
Legal WeekFirms get tough on exit terms as deterrent tactics gain sway23 November 2006
The GuardianEver feel you have been taken for a mug?13 November 2006
Legal BusinessLex-Men – just what does it mean to be a partner?October 2006
The IndependentNew law for lawyers: get older, get fired, then sue for millions01 October 2006
International Herald TribuneEU age bias rules to apply to partnerships29 September 2006
BloombergParnerships struggle with EU age discrimination law28 September 2006
Legal WeekGetting the message across28 September 2006
Daily ExpressThe billionaire boys14 September 2006
Financial TimesThe big firms are good at what they do08 August 2006
Financial TimesCourts take the bullying by the horns07 August 2006
Chambers Client ReportThe death of the legal entrepreneurJuly/August 2006
Accountancy MagazineDangerous liaisonsJune 2006
Legal Technology UpdateRonnie Fox says that selection of Pilgrim is a “no-brainer”16 May 2006
The TimesWhere there’s a will16 May 2006
Legal WeekDiary Picture Quiz11 May 2006
Legal WeekFox opens boutique and plans consultancy04 May 2006
Law Society GazetteFox tails a challenge04 May 2006
The TimesIn the City02 May 2006
The LawyerEmployment star Fox relaunches as Fox02 May 2006
Law Society GazetteLaunching out for yourself15 November 2005