During the employment life cycle there are many reasons why an employer may need to change its terms and conditions of employment (for example, economic pressures, the evolving demands of the business and variations in the law and best practice).

Employers can alter contracts of employment lawfully. This means considering carefully their contractual and statutory obligations and following a fair and reasonable procedure. Although employment contracts may contain an express clause permitting the employer to make changes, the process an employer follows is crucial to defend a claim.

Fox & Partners provides fast, commercial and effective advice to help employers implement changes lawfully and ensure that their employment contracts are up-to-date with the latest developments. Getting the process wrong and forcing changes through without staff consent can be costly and could lead to claims for constructive dismissal, damages for breach of contract and unlawful deduction from wages (if the change affects pay).

We can guide employers through a fair process including how to deal with disgruntled employees and ultimately help them to achieve their objectives.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • we can advise on the legality of the changes an employer wishes to make
  • review and update employment terms
  • help respond to objections from employees
  • negotiate on behalf of an employer
  • defend potential claims.


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