Employers are heavily regulated when it comes to processing personal data. Data handlers, including employers, have a duty to ensure that the personal information they hold is processed fairly and in accordance with the data protection principles under the Data Protection Act 1998. There are restrictions on sharing data, the purpose for which it is held, how it is stored, and the amount of time for which it is held. For employers holding sensitive personal data (such as medical information or information concerning racial origins) there are additional requirements.

Employers generally hold a great deal of personal data about their staff. Fox & Partners advises employers how to avoid breaching the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Even with the best of intentions sometimes disgruntled employees will complain. Where a complaint is made to the Information Commissioner’s Office, we advise employers on how to respond.

Employers often have to deal with data subject access requests from aggrieved employees. Although making a data subject access request costs the employee only £10, responding to one can be expensive and absorb much time and resources. We advise employers how to handle a data subject access request, what exemptions may permit certain information to be withheld and what information needs to be provided to the individual. Our lawyers help employers to devise search terms and work through the results.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • advising employers on data protection obligations and drafting data protection policies which comply with the law and best practice
  • guiding our clients on how to respond to a data subject access request
  • advising employers on how to respond to complaints made to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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