Poor performance can include failing to meet agreed targets, an inability to cope with realistic workloads, a skills gap, consistent mistakes and poor quality of work.

We assist employers navigate the performance management process by providing advice and assistance at all stages from setting and communicating achievable performance objectives, through to dismissing an employee for poor performance.

A key component of effective performance management is the need for all senior managers and line managers to receive appropriate training.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • draft job descriptions and performance criteria on behalf of an employer
  • draft best practice performance management policies and advise on implementation
  • identify the reasons for poor performance
  • advise on whether performance management is appropriate in a particular situation
  • draft employee communications
  • prepare management for an investigation process, poor performance discussion or appeal
  • provide advice to decision makers about appropriate disciplinary action
  • draft performance improvement plans
  • prepare employers for annual performance appraisals
  • provide training to managers on effective performance management.

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