In theory, when you sign an employment contract you do not expect it to change for the worse. In reality, during the life cycle of your employment there may be several reasons which prompt your employer to change your contractual terms. These could affect many areas of your work, for example, your employer might be trying to save costs by reducing your bonus, pay or holiday entitlement. Or your employer might require you to change your working hours or place of work to suit the demands of the business. Changes imposed on you without your consent could be unlawful.

Fox & Partners can provide fast and commercial advice on how to respond to proposed or enforced changes and we can advise you on your potential legal claims against your employer. For example you may be able to claim constructive dismissal if the breach is fundamental and significant, damages for breach of contract or unlawful deduction from wages.

You do not have to accept significant changes which are forced upon you without your consent and you do have options. Even if your contract contains a clause permitting an employer to make changes, this will not necessarily mean that the change is lawful and it is worth seeking immediate legal advice because what you do or don’t say in these situations can affect your options, potential claims and any subsequent negotiation.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • advice on the legality of the changes your employer wishes to make
  • reviewing your employment terms
  • helping you to respond to proposed or enforced changes
  • negotiating on your behalf
  • advice on your potential claims

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