Employees who have a workplace complaint are entitled to raise a formal grievance. Grievances can be raised in relation to discrimination, workplace bullying, harassment, changes in terms and conditions of employment, treatment at work, health & safety, workplace change and work relations. If you raise a formal grievance your employer is obliged to follow its internal grievance procedure. Navigating the grievance procedure alone can be stressful. We regularly advise individuals on how to raise a formal grievance and we guide them through the grievance process.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • advising on the grievance procedure, desired outcome and available alternatives
  • preparing the complaint
  • providing guidance through the investigation hearing or meeting
  • advising on the outcome of the grievance procedure
  • advising on available next steps including an appeal and Employment Tribunal claim.

If an employee has engaged in misconduct or is not performing to the required standard an employer may commence a disciplinary procedure. The outcome can result in disciplinary action against an employee ranging from a warning or a potential demotion through to termination of employment. This can be a difficult time for any employee.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • advising on the merits of the allegations and possible outcomes
  • assisting an employee respond to the allegations
  • preparing the employee for the investigation or disciplinary meeting
  • providing advice on the outcome of the disciplinary procedure
  • advising on available options, such as an appeal or Employment Tribunal claim.

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