Our lawyers are experts in negotiating and advising on settlement agreements for individuals at all levels of seniority, including agreements containing complex packages involving share schemes and deferred compensation.

Our lawyers have worked on settlement agreements for both employers and employees for years; we have a deep understanding of the tactics, psychology and motives of both sides which can really help to resolve issues quickly for our clients.

There are many reasons why an individual may have been offered a settlement agreement. Each person will have different priorities. Whether your aim is to leave your current employer quickly and without restrictions on what you do next or ensuring that you leave with a clean record, or receive sufficient compensation for the way you have been treated, we can help you to achieve your objectives.

Exit situations can arise quickly. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our services at short notice, often being able to meet with you the day you contact us.

Settlement agreements bring employment to an end on agreed terms. It is important that individuals take independent legal advice on the terms of the agreement early on before terms are agreed to ensure that they are receiving at least their contractual and statutory entitlements and sufficient compensation. We will work with you to consider your potential claims and advise on an appropriate amount of compensation bearing in mind your contractual and statutory entitlements and the reason you are being asked to sign a settlement agreement. Employers are usually willing to pay for the employee’s consent to waive their potential employment claims and to keep the terms of their departure confidential. Fox & Partners can help you to improve the commercial and financial terms and ensure that the wording of the agreement protects your best interests. We are regularly able to secure payment of all or a significant portion of our clients’ legal fees from their employer.

Successful negotiation of a settlement agreement avoids costly, time-consuming litigation allowing you to move on quickly with less stress.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • we meet at short notice to explore your potential claims, contractual entitlements and help you to negotiate a better package to ensure that you are being adequately compensated
  • we review and mark-up a draft settlement agreement on your behalf to negotiate improved exit terms
  • we liaise directly with your employer or their representative to seek improvements to the settlement agreement
  • we guide and support you to negotiate changes to your settlement agreement directly with your employer
  • we provide a tailored strategy to maximise the financial and commercial terms of the settlement agreement
  • if satisfactory settlement terms cannot be reached we can help you bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal or in the High Court.

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