The law regulating whistleblowing under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is complex. PIDA is wide in scope and applies not just to employees, but to a wider category of “workers”.

Under PIDA, it is unlawful for an employer to dismiss or to subject any worker to a detriment on the grounds that they have made a ‘protected disclosure’, that is, disclosing information which they reasonably believe shows that their employer, or indeed any other person or company has committed a breach of a legal obligation. Unlike ordinary unfair dismissal protection, protection from dismissal under PIDA arises from the outset of employment and compensation is uncapped and potentially unlimited, depending on how much loss an individual suffers as a result.

PIDA is a highly technical piece of legislation which means claims can turn on points of law as often as on issues of fact. We advise employers and employees on navigating the legislation in bringing and defending whistleblowing claims under PIDA. We are familiar with a number of different sectors, including the banking, insurance and professional services sectors and have significant experience in bringing claims against companies operating within these sectors. This means we can provide targeted and effective advice to help you to achieve your desired outcome.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • advise whether you are protected by the whistleblowing legislation
  • draft a dismissal appeal or grievance letter
  • open up channels of communication with your employer with a view to resolving the dispute
  • explain to you prospects of success in a tribunal claim
  • raise a tribunal claim on your behalf and represent you throughout the process
  • enter into negotiations with your employer on your behalf to explore out of court settlement of the dispute
  • advise you on regulatory obligations.

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