Employers and other organisations are tightly regulated when it comes to processing personal data. Data handlers, including employers, have a duty to ensure that the personal information they hold is processed fairly and in accordance with the data protection principles under the Data Protection Act 1998. Amongst others, there are restrictions on those with whom they can share such data, the purpose for which it is held, how it is stored, and the amount of time for which it is held.

Individuals have the right to know what personal data an organisation holds about them. We regularly advise employees how to make an effective data subject access request to find out what information their employer is holding about them, why it is being held and from where it has come. This can be especially helpful if you are in dispute with your employer over a particular issue, grievance or disciplinary matter or if you have been unfairly dismissed. Our experienced lawyers can work with you to construct carefully your data subject access request to obtain the best results and the most information.

How Fox & Partners can help…

  • we can draft a data subject access request
  • we can help you to challenge an employer’s response to your data subject access request or raise a complaint regarding personal data held by your employer
  • we can review the results of a data subject access request and consider your potential claims
  • we can advise you when an organisation can lawfully withhold your personal data.

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